Wash & Fold Laundry Service

The best thing to ever happen to you and your clothes since the invention of the washer.

Clean laundry is a tap away

Download the laundry pick up & delivery app

Getting your laundry done has never been easier. Our laundry delivery app is here to make life easier for you and give you the time to do what you love.

Wash & Fold

Expect fresh clothes, ironed and folded to perfection. Even your closet will say thank you! Socks? If you sent both – both will be matched and returned and if you chose delivery we will text that we are on our way and greet you with a smile if you are there.

  • It all starts when you schedule a pick up – our friendly valet will arrive to collect your dirty laundry.
  • We check every item (including the pockets) for forgotten items and lapels for pins etc. and note them to be returned.
  • Items are sorted and washed with compatible items. (We never mix another person’s items with yours)
  • When your order is ready, we text you again so our friendly valet can return them to you.

You deserve special treatment – that is what we deliver. Order right now by tapping the button.

At $2.25 per pound our specialized service is affordable. Choose the option that works best for you – by the pound or by the bag.

Per pound laundry?

The average Wash and Fold order is approximately 25 pounds (about 3-4 loads of laundry) for $50+HST.

Laundry Subscription?

Arrange for a regular pick up schedule. Whatever fits in the bag costs only $60+HST (there are no minimum orders or service fees).